What is a 40km/h speed limit area?

    Also known as a neighbourhood area speed limit, a 40km/h establishes a reduced speed limit for an entire neighbourhood rather than on a street-by-street basis.

    Why were these particular locations chosen?

    Staff carefully reviewed the entire community to choose the selected pilot project locations. The 5 locations presented were chosen for their specific characteristics such as proximity to schools/community centres and green spaces, residential complaints of aggressive driving and pre-existing traffic calming measures. While all locations share similar safety and speeding concerns, they showcase a variety of distinctive characteristics that will provide insight that can be applied to other locations in future.

    Will other traffic concerns in the community still be addressed?

    Yes. Other traffic concerns not included in the 40km/h Speed Limit Pilot Project will be addressed separately following our approved traffic calming protocol.

    Are neighbourhood area speed limits enforceable by the police (HRPS)?

    Yes. As part of this pilot project, staff will be updating the Uniform Traffic Control By-law (UTCB) 84-1 and designating all the roads outlined within the 5 locations as 40 km/h roads. At that point they will be enforceable by the police.

    When will this pilot project start?

    The 40km/h Speed Limit Pilot Project is anticipated to start in spring 2021.